October 29, 2016


Church Membership Class
Oct 6 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

This class is for anyone who would like to become an official member of the church. At Agape our members are known as “ministry partners.” The class will cover
1. The mission of Agape
2. Doctrinal statements (these are also on the website under “We Believe”
3. Requirements for membership (profession of faith, baptism, etc)
4. Ministry partners agreement
5. What it means to be a member; everyone receives a free book (one per family)

Please RSVP to PastorFlorin@AgapeChurch.Life

Mission of Agape
In accordance with the Great Commission recorded in Matthew 28:18-20, this Church shall engage the culture around it and strive to expand the kingdom of God. The Church shall be committed to an outward focus by placing the needs of those who are not yet followers of Christ ahead of the needs of those who are. While congregational care of regular participants shall not be neglected, outreach to others who are outside or new to the Church shall be given higher priority in the budgeting, staffing, and scheduling of Church activities. Thus the mission of this Church is to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God, make new disciples of Jesus Christ, celebrate through baptism their commitment to follow Jesus as king, and mentor them to obey His teachings. The church shall welcome all disciples of Christ into a congregation that is healthy, growing, and multiplying through the planting of other congregations with the same mission.

Converge Great Lakes 135th Annual Meeting
Oct 17 – Oct 19 all-day
Pre-Conference Offered Thursday, October 17th!
(The fees are $20/person and registration is required.)
Something amazing happens when ministry peers meet
and share ideas, encouragement and resources.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with like-minded leaders!
  • Church Planter Gathering: When Church Planters gather together to share their passion and best practices, everyone is made better. This gathering is for active and new church planters who want to learn and sharpen their skills.
  • Multi-Staff Gathering: This round table gathering of pastors (with at least one more full-time staff person) is an opportunity for like-minded pastors to learn from one another.
  • Latino Pastor Gathering: This is a gathering for those pastors uniquely focusing their efforts on reaching Latino communities. It is an opportunity to share best practices with one another.
  • Solo Pastor Gathering: The most common calling in the CGL movement is the local pastor who shepherds a congregation of 150 or less people in faithfulness to Christ. Many times, the practices shared in conferences are not practical or helpful to the solo pastor. This informal gathering aims to bring pastors together for encouragement and to share what they are learning to be most fruitful.
  • Do It Right Seminar (1-3 p.m.) This training has become a hallmark event helping churches get their financial record keeping in order according to IRS guidelines and best practices. New churches and smaller churches with personnel turnover or facing challenges would be greatly helped by this time and training.

On behalf of the Converge Great Lakes Board of Overseers and Staff, we invite you to participate in Converge Great Lakes’ 135th Annual Meeting. You won’t want to miss this time of fellowship and celebration. Come catch up with old friends and make new ones! Whether you are joining us as a church delegate, a guest, or a vendor, we welcome you and are pleased to have you present.

Agape @ Pewaukee Fall Fun Fest
Oct 26 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

… join in the fun!

Agape will set up in front of Brewers Two Cafe and we plan to have candy and other give aways.

Bring all your family and friends.