Worship Gathering – AOK (Acts of Kindness)

October 20, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:15 am
Online & In Homes
Agape Church Office

As you feel comfortable, invite a trusted friend to do an AOK with you! Join other followers of Jesus online.

You are the church! We gather online and in homes.

Online options include Zoom (see home page) and Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/agapechurchwi/

“Choose Your Own AOK” Ideas For 2020
Acts Of Kindnesses (AOKs) are a tangible way to show others agape (selfless) love. Please be safe while you engage in AOKs. Remember to be considerate of your surroundings and the people you are coming in contact with. May the Lord bless your service.
At some point in the day, we’d love if you’d hop onto this event page, or onto the Agape page or group, and share a picture of your AOK!! Encourage your friends to do something as well!! Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. And even small somethings turn into something huge when they are added together!! #Agapechurchwi #ActsofKindness #agapelove
Easy; Kid-friendly
Go out to a local path, trail or section of sidewalk and pick up trash. This is relatively low investment high benefit activity. Remember to stay on public paths or get permission from the owners of the property as you do this activity.
All you need is a trash bag or bucket, safety gloves, and your favorite work clothes. Because there is generally lots of trash out there, you might want to time-box the activity (set a timer and stop when it goes off).
Resources and organizations that may inspire you: https://www.cleantrails.org/
Easy/Moderate; Kid-friendly
Create wall cards (8.5×11 or bigger, so residents can see them if they are hung on the wall) with encouraging words and uplifting pictures for your local nursing home. Kids of all ages can have a great time drawing, painting, and crafting during this activity. You’ll need some basic crafting supplies (we suggest starting with what you have in the house). This was marked easy/moderate because you’ll probably have some clean up, and you’ll need to do research regarding who will receive the cards.
Moderate; Somewhat Kid-friendly
Decorate plain canvas shoes, with sharpies, for Soles For Jesus. They will be sent to Africa to provide shoes, along with the gospel message, to remote villagers, many of whom do not have shoes.
There are tutorials and ideas you can research. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6hc1RlOPh4
Additional ideas and recommendations at Soles for Jesus website: http://www.solesforjesus.org/
Moderate; Family-friendly
Make bagged lunches for a local organization that helps the most vulnerable (like The Hope Center for example: https://hopecenterwi.org/). A sandwich, chips, fruit, carrot sticks, a dessert, and a drink are a great lunch. Please verify with your chosen charity that they are still able to accept these, before you begin!
Moderate; Family-friendly
Involve the entire family to plan, shop, and assemble a care package for someone…someone in need or someone special. Everyone loves to be loved. Be creative. Be personal. Start small.
It can be just a small bag with a roll of toilet paper, wipes, an encouraging card, something fun to do and maybe a Gideons bible. You could deliver it locally or mail it to someone who lives far away. Just a small gift from the church to let them know we are praying for them and love them!
Here are some additional sample ideas: https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/care-package-ideas
There are lots more – just ask “The Google” – lol
Easy to Moderate to Difficult, depending on the job, Family-friendly
Keep your eyes open to opportunities but here are some ideas:
Go do yard work for an elderly, ill, or single, working parent neighbor.
Make dinner for a neighbor who is working full time.
Go grocery shopping for a family who is immune compromised or who is struggling financially due to the shut down.
Drop off a handwritten note just to let them know that you really appreciate them
19 simple ways to love your neighbor right now: https://www.ncfgiving.com/stories/19-simple-ways-to-love-your-neighbor-right-now/
Easy to Moderate depending on level of commitment; can be Family-friendly
Bake some treats for your local FD, PD or hospital. Or take it farther and get to know the people in the departments. Ask what they need, and then provide it! Maybe ordering a take out meal delivered for a busy shift could be a blessing (coordinate with them to do this!)!
Moderate to Hard, depending upon level of commitment; Family-friendly
Organize a supply drive in your neighborhood or community! Food pantries need food. Soles for Jesus needs shoes (new and used). Other charities have other needs.
Get the word out to your circle and arrange for drop off on your front porch, or pick up over a few days or a week. Then deliver to your charity.
Easy to Moderate; depending upon level of commitment
Donate needed new items to a local charity (here’s a few…they have store wishlists in addition to accepting cash donations! Or choose your favorite!! For many you can buy online and have it shipped right to the charity):
Street Angels: https://www.streetangelsmke.org/donate-food-and-supplies
The Women’s Center: https://twcwaukesha.org/donation-wish-list
Humane Animal Welfare Center: https://hawspets.org/haws-wish-list/
Pewaukee Food Pantry: http://www.pewaukeefoodpantry.com/how-you-can-help/
Hebron House: https://hebronhouse.org/donate/
Easy to hard, depending upon what you come up with
What need do you see that you can help fill? Pray about it, then use what God shows you and help, in love!!