Christian Life Practice Group

July 2, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Call or email for details:
Agape Church Office

Call, text or email for details: 262-333-8088 /

These are the preparatory questions covered in our practice groups.
Discovery – This looks at the context of the book and its author.
  1. Who wrote the book?
  2. What do we know about the author?
  3. What genre is the book?
  4. What do we know about the book (the cultural, social, political context in which it was written)?
  5. Why was the book written?

Understanding – This helps us understand the text in context. 

  1. What is the main point of the passage?
  2. Why is the author making it?
  3. What does the passage tell us about God?
  4. What does the passage tell us about humanity in general?
  5. What does the passage say about us (humanity-specific)?

Application – This helps us live right; i.e. live according to what God intended.

  1. Given your discovery and understanding of the text, what does right-living look like? What does it mean to live right?
  2. What stands in your way (our way) from living that way?
  3. What is one specific (small) step that you can take to be closer to the right-living that God intended?

Sharing – This creates new habits in our own lives and helps others discover a deeper relationship with God and others. 

  1. During discovery, understanding, and application, we share our knowledge and insights. This is the baseline from which we turn outward.
  2. Based on your discovery, understanding, and application of the text, what could and should be shared with others?
  3. Who do you know that could specifically benefit from something listed in the previous question?
  4. How might you be able to share it? (Imagine yourself sharing, how would you do it?)