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 Agape Community Church believes that God still wants to pour out His presence, and His agape love in Pewaukee and given the rich traditions and history of St. Mary’s church facility, we would love to carry on the sacred duty of cherishing and marking a space for people to meet with God and be changed by Him. Never before has our culture been so adrift from meaning, purpose, and peace. Pewaukee NEEDS a space which is sacred, quiet, safe, and real.

We are asking God for the unexplainable once again and providing the extraordinary resources to reestablish THIS space as sacred, safe, and real for the coming generations.

In the scriptures, God meets with people in specific locations and often has them “mark that space” as sacred. This serves as a reminder of what He has done in their lives so they can pass the stories along to the generations to come. Anything from piling up rocks to building a temple, God meets people in real life at real places.

For over 150 years, God has met with people at St. Mary’s.

He has guided them forward, inspired them to live better and different lives, and He has given them hope. God does not live in a building and His people can choose to connect with him anywhere. But God LOVES to meet with people in a sacred space and mark it as special, transformative, and real.


 We’d love to partner with you in making this vision a reality. Even one dollar helps.

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100% of your money will be used for St. Mary’s church. Because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your donations are tax deductible. We also plan to have heritage and memorial options for donors ready to invest in our community’s future as Legacy Partners.

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