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Agape Community Church is a non-denominational body of believers located in Pewaukee, WI. It is made up of a main host site, plus micro-churches that meet at various host sites. Host sites can be any place where you can gather a family, a group of friends, or any other small group of people.

Our micro-churches connect at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings (CT) though the Online Church platform and participate in a worship service. We encourage one another, pray, share in the Lord’s Supper, and hear a biblical message. Children are welcome and there is a special time just for them. Perhaps you and your group could be our next micro-church site!

“Agape” means selfless love, and our faith-community strives to live that out every day. We call it our “living faith” and we practice this in:

We would love to connect with you! Check us out online and see lots of pictures of our outreach and ministries!


At Agape we believe that God created the world, and everything in it, according to the Scriptures. Though He created a perfect place for humans to live, sin entered and humans broke the only rules we were given, resulting in us being banished from the garden. In His mercy and grace, God didn’t leave us alone. Instead, He sent His son, Jesus Christ, who came to earth as a baby to live a perfect life, then die a sacrificial death in our place so that we wouldn’t have to. He died, was buried, and rose from the dead in victory over death and evil.

We believe anyone who chooses to believe that Jesus did that for us, is promised to spend eternity in heaven with Him. We strive to live in a way that honors that gift, and we acknowledge that we are flawed humans who err regularly. Because of the forgiveness Jesus offers us, we believe we should strive to forgive those who hurt us. We believe that the Holy Bible is the book written by God, through men, and it is God’s loving instruction for how to live as He desires. Everything we do at Agape tries to follow God’s instructions…for how to love and care for our neighbors, how to forgive, how to speak, how to act, and even how to share the Good News!


Prayer is a very important connection we have to God, and we believe that prayer is very powerful! It is a time for us to share our hearts with our Savior, allow Him to influence our desires and dreams, and for us to release our fears and anxieties to Him, just like He tells us to do in the Bible. Prayer is something you can do directly with God at any time for yourself, but we are also blessed by being able to pray for others…those are called intercessory prayers. We can do that individually, or corporately as a body of believers.

If you have a Prayer Request, we’d be honored to pray for you. You can either email Pastor Florin directly, if you’d like the request to remain private, or you can join our Trello page and post your request directly to our Prayer Wall. Either way, we will begin praying for you immediately and help in any way we can. We’d encourage you to look through the prayer requests on the Prayer Wall and spend some time praying for others who have posted. Don’t forget to includes PRAISES on the prayer wall. Taking some time to PRAISE God for what He is doing is an important part of a healthy prayer life. Remember, prayers don’t have to be eloquent or long winded. Sometimes the best prayers are simply “Help!”, “Thank you!”, and sometimes there are no words at all.